Connect Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus to Your Vault and Payment System

Spreedly offers a single API connection to call multiple payment gateways and tools, including Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus. Connect with Spreedly to vault and tokenize payment methods. Then, transact payments via Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus or one of our hundreds of ecosystem partners.

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Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus

Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus offers a secure online payment gateway, allowing businesses to accept payments quickly and securely with Smartpay Checkout. It caters to a variety of sectors including retail, finance, utilities, and hospitality. This service provides faster settlement options, extensive payment methods, robust fraud protection, and handy reporting tools to stay on top of transactions. Tailoring the gateway to specific business needs and integrating with existing platforms make it a flexible solution for enhancing online sales and customer payment choices.

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