The simplicity of a modern gateway with the flexibility of storing your data

At Spreedly, we let you quickly capture and store your customer’s credit card data. Once stored and tokenized, you direct Spreedly to forward your stored payment information to any of our support payment gateways, or third party PCI compliant API’s, for processing.

Capture card data

Once your customer enters credit card data on your Spreedly powered payment form, it's captured and stored in the Spreedly vault without ever touching your servers.



Spreedly returns a credit card token, and that token is referenced by you for single or repeat transactions as needed. This token is a universal token; it’s re-usable across any end point we support.

Begin a Transaction

When you’re ready to transact against a customer’s credit card token, use the API to tell Spreedly which payment gateway or third party API you want to run the charge against.


Payment Forwarding

Spreedly maps the credit card token to the actual credit card data and passes the data directly to the transaction recipient. For a gateway, create a unique payment gateway token to represent each unique merchant account. For a third party API, transact against a receiver via our payment method distribution API.

Rinse and Repeat

Transaction complete! You've now securely passed credit card data to the payment gateway or non-gateway endpoint of your choice - and avoided PCI scope. You can retain the card in Spreedly’s vault for future transactions