connect to payment gateways internationally

Connect to 120+ Payment Gateways

You want to expand to a new market, process transactions via partners’ gateways, or support failover. With Spreedly, it’s easy to connect to the right payment gateway.

Our well-documented solution guides you through the connection process. And it requires minimal effort to maintain or add new gateways to your payments application.

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Integrate with Multiple Payment Gateways

Connect to multiple payment gateways to transact with multiple merchant partners —- all of which might have their own established payment gateway relationships.

Or, you might want to add redundancy or flexibility by supporting multiple payment gateways. Spreedly lets you support any number of gateways — one, two, and beyond!

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connect to multiple payment gateways simultaneously
how to switch between gateways

Switch Gateways as Needed

There’s no gateway lock-in with Spreedly. Our unified API lets you easily move from one gateway to another as your business requires.

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Support Key Payment Operations

You need to initiate the operations your application needs on your selected gateway. With Spreedly, you can access an array of API operations.

Plus, our API is well documented, so you always know which operations a gateway supports. That makes it easy to choose the right gateway and integrate quickly.

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payment gateways support key operations
3D Secure and 3DS payments support

Address 3D Secure and Offsite Payments

Your business model might require additional functionality to support a transaction. Some merchants demand the use of 3D Secure. Others need to support “offsite” transactions, for instance via PayPal. Spreedly can help!

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Open to New Gateways

Even with support for 120+ payment gateways, you might need to integrate with an unsupported gateway. No problem — we add new and growing gateways all the time. Just ask.

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