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The True Cost of Tokenization

Unveiling tokenization's role in enhancing payment vault value and driving digital transaction revenue through strategic insights and applications.

This e-Learning session is a detailed session designed to explore the pivotal role of tokenization in enhancing the value of payment vaults and driving revenue in the digital economy. We'll start by defining 'The Vault' as a strategic asset in payment processing, breaking down its valuation formula with a focus on tokenization's role in maximizing this value.

The session will contrast the traditional vaulting methods with modern, tokenized vaults, emphasizing their impact on payment strategies, compliance, and lifecycle management. We'll delve into the practical applications of tokenized vaults, including network tokens and account updater services, and their effects on customer experience, security, and loyalty programs.

Attendees will learn to analyze payment processing failures and opportunities for revenue enhancement through tokenization. The session wraps up with actionable insights on using data-driven strategies to forecast and adapt to the evolving landscape of digital payments.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Tokenization and Vault Valuation: Understand how tokenization directly impacts the valuation and effectiveness of payment vaults.
  2. Evolving with Tokenized Vaults: Explore the transition from traditional vaulting methods to advanced tokenized vaults and their significance in current payment ecosystems.
  3. Strategic Revenue Enhancement: Learn to harness tokenization for analyzing failures, benchmarking performance, and identifying revenue growth opportunities in payment processing.

This session is perfect for payment professionals, financial strategists, and business leaders seeking in-depth knowledge of how tokenization can be strategically used to enhance payment security and optimize revenue generation in digital transactions.

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Payments Orchestration 101

Payments Orchestration 101

Learn the fundamentals of optimizing payment processes using Payment Orchestration, covering diverse partnerships, vaulting strategies, and navigating the build vs. buy decision to enhance their business’s payments ecosystem.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basics of Payments Orchestration
  • Diverse partnerships and vaulting strategies
  • Navigating the build vs. buy decision

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Payments Orchestration 201

This eLearning session will provide a brief history of Payments Orchestration and insights into how modern Payments Orchestration can be used by organizations to analyze and optimize payments in ways both new and traditional.

Learning Objectives:

  • The core difference and definition of payments orchestration and payments optimization
  • Strategies for elevating payment processes to take advantage of revenue optimization opportunities
  • Real-world applications of Payments Orchestration for multiple industries and organization types

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Payments Orchestration 201
Unlocking PCI 4.0: Your Roadmap to Compliance Success

Unlocking PCI 4.0: Your Roadmap to Compliance Success

Join Spreedly and Sikich on November 15th for an insightful eLearning session where we dive deep into the world of PCI 4.0 and your organization's crucial responsibilities.

Learning Objectives:

  • In-depth understanding of PCI 4.0
  • Addressing the evolving threat landscape
  • Safeguarding customer data and trust

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