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Unlocking PCI 4.0: Your Roadmap to Compliance Success

Explore PCI 4.0 and your vital responsibilities in our insightful session. Addressing the growing data breach crisis, we’ll delve into the standard’s advancements, educate on implementation, and offer expert insights to bolster your data security and maintain customer trust.

Join us for an insightful webinar where we dive deep into the world of PCI 4.0 and your organization's crucial responsibilities. In today's evolving threat landscape, where data breaches continue to escalate, understanding and complying with PCI 4.0 is paramount for safeguarding customer data and maintaining trust.

In this webinar, we will provide a comprehensive market overview, shedding light on the prevailing lack of confidence among organizations in their ability to protect sensitive customer data. Discover how the PCI 4.0 standard aims to stay ahead of evolving threats and why it necessitates a significant effort to implement. 

Our expert speakers will break down the essential aspects of PCI 4.0, addressing the education and execution gaps still prevalent in many organizations. Learn what you need to know about the nuances of PCI 4.0 and how partnering with industry experts can uncover critical changes and requirements. Gain clarity on your responsibilities and the benefits of partnering, including orchestration and consultation.

We will conclude with actionable insights, guiding you on the next steps to take and where your organization should be in terms of PCI 4.0 compliance. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and fortify your organization's defenses in the face of evolving data security challenges.

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Payments Orchestration 101

Payments Orchestration 101

Learn the fundamentals on optimizing payment processes using Payment Orchestration, covering diverse partnerships, vaulting strategies, and navigating the build vs. buy decision to enhance their business’s payments ecosystem.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basics of Payments Orchestration
  • Diverse partnerships and vaulting strategies
  • Navigating the build vs. buy decision

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Payments Orchestration 201

This eLearning session will provide a brief history of Payments Orchestration and insights into how modern Payments Orchestration can be used by organizations to analyze and optimize payments in ways both new and traditional.

Learning Objectives:

  • The core difference and definition of payments orchestration and payments optimization
  • Strategies for elevating payment processes to take advantage of revenue optimization opportunities
  • Real-world applications of Payments Orchestration for multiple industries and organization types

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Payments Orchestration 201
The True Cost of Tokenization

The True Cost of Tokenization

This eLearning session will take place in early January 2024 and will explore the typical fees and costs associated with tokenization and examine the areas where costs can come in above expectations. It will discuss how merchants can calculate ROI to help them guide their tokenization strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding tokenization costs
  • Identifying unexpected costs
  • Calculating ROI for tokenization

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