Secure Customer Card Data

store and tokenize card data

Store and Tokenize Securely

Securely store card data and use with it via gateways and partner APIs. Spreedly tokenizes and stores card data in our secure vault. Our “universal token” protects customer data and lets you transact against multiple endpoints — without card data ever touching your servers.

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Comply with PCI Regulations

All online merchants that accept card payments must be PCI DSS compliant. Spreedly significantly cuts your PCI compliance scope. That helps you deliver a great transaction experience to your customers, while helping avoid costly on-site data security assessments.

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store card data, comply with PCI
fingerprint customer card data

Fingerprint Customer Data

Your customers may have multiple payment methods that actually represent the same card. Spreedly’s fingerprinting technology helps merchants associate payment methods with a single underlying card.

This can help you better support customer loyalty programs, detect anomalous activities, and recognize customers across channels.

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Store with Spreedly or a Third-Party Vault

While Spreedly offers a powerful card vault, you may also want a third-party vault for added redundancy. Spreedly’s API lets you connect to multiple vault providers and get the solution you need.

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store card data in other vaults