Store payment details

Capture, secure, and tokenize card data and payment details

To transact effectively, you need to store customers’ credit card, debit card, and other payment methods. Spreedly lets you secure tokenized payment details in a flexible, portable vault. That gives the power to transact with any payment service via a single API.

Capture payment details while reducing PCI compliance burden

If you accept card payments, you need to comply with PCI DSS mandates. We make compliance easier by capturing and storing payment details while keeping card data off your servers. With the Spreedly vault, you cut PCI scope and reduce the possibility of a costly security assessment.

Capture card data via a flexible iFrame

Your business is unique. So, how you capture card data should match the customer experience you want. With Spreedly's iFrame, you have the option of an infinitely customizable and flexible approach to card capture -- all while keeping card data off of your servers.

Collect customer payment details the way you do business

To deliver a great customer experience, you need to capture payment details the way your business demands. Spreedly gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to implement payment capture. Want a simple drop-in form for a quick launch? Need a flexible API for more customized checkout experiences? We have you covered!  

Tokenize payments data for secure use

You want to efficiently transact with customers' stored payment details. Spreedly makes it easy. With our "universal token", you can secure payment details in our card vault. Then, whenever you're ready to transact, you can use tokens to transact with any payment service via a single API. All while minimizing your PCI scope.

Back-up payments data wherever you need

If stored payments data is your asset, you should be able to move it as your needs change. Why shouldn’t you move your vault between gateways or use third-party vaults as your needs evolve? Your Spreedly vault is portable, letting you change gateways as your payments strategy demands.

Refresh stored card data automatically

Out-of-date and inaccurate stored card information can stop transactions cold, and turn off your customers. Spreedly’s Account Updater refreshes vaulted cards so you can keep transacting. You get international coverage plus the ability to choose which specific cards you want to update. Plus, Spreedly reporting lets you assess the update results to boost optimization.

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"Extremely clear documentation and awesome testing environment. It took me literally 20 minutes to test everything"
Mathias Fonseca
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"Spreedly has allowed us to keep our development time focused on improving our platform.”
Peter Moody
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"Leaning on Spreedly's technology is going to allow you to get to market faster.”
Justin Wheeler
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"Cabify is a global business, working with different gateways. In this scenario, the fact of being informed about their behaviour is key, as minimal issues could lead to a severe economic impact."
Armando Rivas
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"There's a lot of compliance and security issues that come along with taking payments. That's actually a big reason why we came to Spreedly."
Lance Carlson

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