When your stored cards are up-to-date, you can process more transactions successfully. That keeps revenue flowing and customers happy. Spreedly’s Account Updater is a powerful tool to automatically refresh card data stored in your vault. Now, with a significant expansion in geographic coverage, the benefits of Account Updater are even greater.

Even More Global Coverage for Account Updater

After recent enhancements across the Visa, Mastercard, and Discover networks, the coverage of cards eligible for update has expanded to include larger global segments. Most significantly, Visa recently merged its Account Updater European platform with its Global platform, resulting in a significant increase in cards updated across the EU and UK. Existing users likely saw an increase in cards updated on March 15 due to the significant number of new cards eligible for update.

Account Updater relies on issuer participation with card network regional mandates. As more issuers have fallen into compliance, coverage has expanded to near full participation across North America, high participation in most of the EU and UK, and growing Mastercard participation in LATAM, APAC, Middle East, and Africa. Over time, this is expected to continue growing — and eventually include American Express, but this timeline is dictated by card network and issuer capabilities.

Getting Started with Account Updater

In addition, we’ve been working hard to extend the value of Account Updater in recent releases. Spreedly’s Account Updater gives you enhanced control over which cards are included in each update process.

Customers can opt-in and activate Account Updater in their Spreedly environment. Or, simply reach out to Spreedly Customer Success to talk through the functionality and your options.

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