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Spreedly: 2021 In Review

A snapshot of Spreedly and what we saw in 2021.

Written by
Justin Benson
Publication Date
February 21, 2022
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What drives Spreedly is the belief that the world is a better place with a diversified, inclusive payment ecosystem.

To achieve our mission, we focus on building an open, secure and flexible payment platform that welcomes everyone based on the value they provide. By providing such a platform, we accelerate the adoption of commerce solutions. 

Just as we measure and monitor the incredible volume of transaction data to grow and optimize, we also measure our growth to see how well we're achieving the goals. Here are a few metrics as we wrap up 2021:

- Spreedly now enables and optimizes over $33 billion in annualized gross merchandise value (GMV) – and we continue to grow

- Our teams saw an average of 250% growth in transaction volumes in the following areas:

- We experienced incredible growth regionally as well. Building on our strong history of payments globally, in Europe, we saw an increase of over 250% in transaction     volume and in the Latin American market, transaction growth increased by over 100% in 2021 

- Adding another powerful tool to prevent fraudulent transactions and significantly increase authorization rates, we issued over 150,000 new network tokens daily --     over five million in one month alone!

- We saw the utilization of fraud-specific third party services increase by nearly 140% year-over-year – almost 180 million fraud transactions in 2022

Payment Orchestration continues to gain momentum in the marketplace. With our agnostic position, transaction volume, and ability to partner, we continue to grow as the industry’s clear leader. We do not take this position lightly. 

Growth across the ecosystem requires the engagement of all players. In 2021 we announced many new initiatives directly supporting our partners including a new partnership program for our partners (with PayPal, Stripe and Worldline all becoming part of), an initiative with Visa to accelerate the adoption of network tokenization in Latin America, as well as further development in support of joint Spreedly and Stripe customers providing mutual customers easier access to advanced payment features. Our partnership with payments organizations like these helps us all deliver on the mission and vision of a diversified, inclusive payments ecosystem. 

Moving into 2022

Our customers want to grow their revenue. But to drive ever faster growth requires constant business and technical innovation. Innovative companies constantly push the boundaries of their infrastructure to expand into new geographies, markets, and business lines. 

Our teams continue to focus on product innovation and meeting the complex needs of our customers and their business. Revenue Optimization, Smart Routing, Network Tokenization, Data Insights and Dashboards, and building on our strong PSP partnerships – all have a part to play in our success as we move into 2022. 

We know that a payments platform that is open and flexible that allows organizations to optimize and accelerate commerce is no longer an option -- it is the core of what drives business. We also know that Payments Orchestration offers the much-needed solution to turn possibilities into payments.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Spreedly’s success in 2021 and here’s to 2022!

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