Spreedly has always taken a developer first approach to allowing new types of commerce to occur that are both secure and innovative. One of our core abilities is to allow credit card data to be submitted to PCI compliant third party API's, which in turn enables all kinds of new models for travel, ticketing, food and beverage and other verticals. Omnivore, itself focused on a developer-centric API offering for restaurants and the supplier network that surrounds it, saw some of its leading edge customers utilizing Spreedly as a PCI compliant vault that built a bridge between point of sales systems and value added third party applications. In particular, our universal payment method token helps solve one of the bigger challenges in this space - repeat ordering. We're happy to partner up to work more closely with Omnivore and provide better support to joint customers. 

We tip our hat to those developers that, via their own research and testing, realize the two services will work together to solve their business requirements. We hope by working more closely with Omnivore we can widen the path for others to follow. You can read the more formal press release here to get more details:


And the documentation on how PMD works in general here: https://docs.spreedly.com/guides/payment-method-distribution/

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