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Spreedly Simplifies 3DS2 Compliance for Merchants with Multiple Gateways

Implement once with Spreedly to simplify support for 3DS2 across top gateways in the EU and beyond. Meet compliance obligations and reduce eCommerce fraud.

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Brian Hendrix
Publication Date
September 11, 2019
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Today Spreedly launched Spreedly 3DS2, which supports executing 3DS2-compliant transactions across a growing list of gateways in the EU and beyond. Spreedly 3DS2 dramatically accelerates your ability to deliver 3DS2 across multi-gateway environments. That allows your team to drive even higher success rates, reduced fraud, and greater focus on innovation.

Implementing 3DS2 to Address SCA

To fight eCommerce fraud the EU has mandated compliance with Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) starting September 14, 2019 — with 3DS2 as the primary tool to meet SCA obligations. But building and maintaining 3DS2-ready integrations to multiple payment gateways is a major technical challenge.

3DS2 requires complex payments flows, including redirects and fallbacks; and each gateway has implemented 3DS2 differently. So, managing 3DS2 on your own requires sophisticated testing and implementation — a major distraction and ongoing burden.

That’s why we launched Spreedly 3DS2.

Spreedly 3DS2 is a Unified Approach to SCA

Spreedly 3DS2 provides access to 3DS2 authentication with top gateways in the EU and beyond.

“Supporting 3DS2 is about more than compliance — it’s about reducing fraud, boosting success rates, and growing revenue,” said Daniel Wideman, VP of Product at Spreedly. “Our simplified approach to 3DS2 means that merchants can support these complex flows fast. That allows merchants to dramatically accelerate SCA compliance and fraud reduction goals — and focus on innovation.”

3DS2 exemptions are an important part of managing your 3DS2 implementation and ensuring that cardholders only see challenge flows when needed. While it’s important to remember that allowing or denying an exemption rests with the issuer, Spreedly 3DS2 ensures that you have a simple and direct way to request exemptions regardless of how many different gateways you use to support your business. We will make sure your request gets through to the issuer and provide the best supporting data available to help the exemption succeed.

Spreedly 3DS2 launches with support for mobile webview for all 3DS2 gateways to ensure cross gateway and issuer mobile 3DS2 access, but we are not stopping there. 3DS2 is bringing new capabilities for mobile payment applications and Spreedly is creating SDKs for iOS and Android that allow for the collection and submission of native mobile device data to the issuer which results in a reduced rate of challenges and smoother checkout experience.

Our SDKs are currently in pilot with early adopter merchants and we look forward to updating you on progress in the coming weeks. As issuers and gateways add support for other new mobile 3DS2 capabilities like biometric based authentication flows Spreedly will work with them and you to bring that support to your application.

To provide additional flexibility in 3DS2 transaction processing, Spreedly also supports merchants who already have access to 3DS2 authentication data. If you receive completed 3DS2 authentication data from an upstream partner in your payment flow — or have access to 3DS2 as part of a larger fraud solution — we can enable you to easily send this data to our supported gateways. Jump over to our Third Party 3DS2 guide to learn more and find out which gateways we support today.

Spreedly 3DS2 is ready to help you meet your compliance needs and support your efforts to reduce the impact of eCommerce fraud to your business. If you want to learn more about 3DS2 you can check out our blog series or dive right in with our 3DS2 documentation.

Latest update on SCA implementation delays

There have been significant developments in SCA enforcement that may impact you. On August 13th the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced an enforcement delay or phase-in period of up to 18 months for qualified merchants that are working toward SCA compliance. Concerns around enforcement and potential damage to eCommerce have been echoed by regulators in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Greece, Norway, and Belgium as well as Visa.

Spreedly is continuing to focus on 3DS2 support and coverage for Sept. 14 and beyond. We are continuing to monitor for any other impactful changes in SCA enforcement, if you would like to know if an enforcement delay applies to you please contact your banking partner for advice.

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