Payments Orchestration

The Business Drivers for Payments Orchestration: Comply with PCI, SCA, and more

Payments is a highly-regulated space. New government and industry standards are released frequently. Watch to learn how the world’s most successful organizations maintain compliance with Payments Orchestration.

Written by
Janna Johnson
Publication Date
November 29, 2020
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Payments is a highly-regulated space. New government and industry standards are released frequently. They can have a material impact on your business — from costly audits to a shut down in your ability to transact.

This video series takes a deep dive into how the world’s most successful organizations solve their business pains with Payments Orchestration.

Hosted by Janna Johnson with Spreedly, this segment provides us with an overview of how Payments Orchestration helps keep your organization compliant in the rapidly changing payments space.

Rough Transcript (edited for readability):

Hi, my name is Janna Johnson. I'm a product manager at Spreedly. I wanted to talk to you about how utilizing a payments orchestration layer benefits your company in three major ways. But first, some of you might be wondering what is a payments orchestration layer? So a POL is a software system that encompasses all of the tools needed to authorize, process and optimize payments. So instead of having to go out and integrate with a fraud solution and a 3DS provider and multiple payment gateways across different regions, you integrate with this payments orchestration layer, and you have everything you need to grow your business at your fingertips.

This helps in a few different ways. First, it minimizes the cost and risk of compliance. If you accept credit cards, then you have to be PCI compliant, and achieving compliance comes with drained resources. Spreedly is built on a PCI level one compliant vault, meaning your team can capture payment details without data crossing your interface. Next, it reduces ongoing compliance burdens.

Payments is a highly regulated space, as you all know, and we see new requirements emerging and changing all the time. Government requirements like PSD2, which calls for strong customer authentication, can be a prerequisite for doing business in some regions, while industry mandates like stored credential requirements must be constantly monitored. Spreedly is continuously evaluating the regulatory environment so you don't have to, giving you peace of mind while you know you're taking payments securely. And lastly, it keeps resources focused on core value. We know that your time and resources are limited, and we want you to focus your development efforts on creating value for your customers and not on maintaining payments infrastructure.

All of these things are in a payments orchestration layer, so if you think this might be able to benefit your business, then please reach out to me and I'd love to help you learn more.

Thank you.

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