The Single Payments API

reduce PCI compliance burden

Capture Card Data and Comply with PCI

You need to capture card data to do business. Want simple tooling for a quick roll-out? Or more sophistication for a richer customer experience? Our tools make deployment easy.

Spreedly is flexible — from iFrame-based payment forms to direct collection via the API. That makes collecting card data easy — while minimizing your PCI compliance scope.

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Store Card Data Securely

Once captured, you want card data to be secured and accessible. We store card data in a robust card vault. Want redundancy? Store details in your favorite third-party vault too.

Spreedly tokenizes card data to enhance security and transact via hundreds of gateways and partner APIs — all through one simple connection.

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store card data to support online transactions
automatically update card data stored in vault

Update Card Data Automatically

Stored card numbers change over time. That can lead to lost revenue and unhappy customers when transactions are declined. Our Account Updater automatically refreshes your vault’s card data.

That means more successful transactions — with no extra effort and no interruption to your customers.

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Integrate with Multiple Payment Gateways

To grow your business, you may need to connect to multiple payment gateways. Maybe to support failover and more successful transaction processing, or to process payments in international markets.

Spreedly makes it easy to connect and maintain integrations to gateways and payment APIs. Connect once and then add new gateways and integrations fast.

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integrate with multiple payment gateways with one API
connect to third party payment APIs

Connect to Partner Payment APIs

You want to securely pass card data to partner APIs. It could be to transact with multiple partners or to pass a transaction to a marketplace or large merchant, for example.

Spreedly makes it easy to transact with multiple business partners’ APIs — while delivering a great experience to your customers.

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Boost Transaction Success Rates

Payment processing is how you get paid. So it’s vital to stay on top of critical payments metrics like processing speed and failed transactions.

Our unified dashboard gives insights across all of your transactions. You can better govern payment processing and compare success rates with anonymized data across all of Spreedly’s customers to benchmark your success.

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increase online card transaction success rates
how to develop online payments applications

Develop Payment Applications Faster

Spreedly understands developers’ needs. Our payment API and development environment helps you deliver payments applications fast.

Our single API is easy to integrate with. Plus, our documentation, testing environments, and customer support simplify your experience.

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