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    Simplify PCI compliance

    Make PCI compliance easier. Sensitive payments data is handled only by Spreedly which greatly reduces your scope.

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    Connect to Payment APIs

    Send payment information to third parties like Expedia, TicketMaster and Sabre. Build it once. Connect in minutes.

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    Multiple payment gateways

    Let your customers' choose from any of Spreedly’s 100+ payment gateways.

Common Challenges

Spreedly is built for the unique needs of online marketplaces and platforms. If you need to work with more than one gateway or API endpoint, Spreedly can help.

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    Multiple payment gateways

    Our scalable infrastructure allows you to connect to multiple payment gateways.

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    Integrate with API endpoints

    Connect with PCI compliant custom endpoints that are unique to your business.

Securely store credit card data and receive a universal payment method token that eliminates data lock-in forever. Tokens can be used for recurring or additional charges against any endpoint that we support regardless of the original endpoint used. End users of your marketplace can do repeat transactions across all of your suppliers.

Use our web or mobile tools to ensure card data never touches your environment. Utilize our PCI Level 1 status to accelerate business development efforts with your payment partnerships.

The Top 6 Reasons Marketplaces & platforms love Spreedly

  1. PCI Compliance

    Simplify PCI compliance. With Spreedly, customer data never touches your servers. Spreedly takes care of the PCI compliance.

  2. Global Payment Solutions

    Go global. Spreedly allows you to accept payments from more than 98 countries around the world.

  3. Store Payment Data

    Spreedly’s PCI compliant vault stores credit card data to make checkout easy. No one will need to enter their payment info twice.

  4. Connect to Payment APIs

    Distribute your payment data to other PCI compliant third party APIs like Expedia, WalmartLabs, or Fanxchange.

  5. Multiple Payment Gateways

    Connect to as many of the 100+ gateways supported by Spreedly as you’d like. Switch payment gateways in minutes, not months.

  6. Scalable Infrastructure

    Integrate with Spreedly once. Making changes like switching payment gateways will take minutes, instead of months.

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