Spreedly and Worldpay Partner to Deepen Support for Online Merchants Globally

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Peter Mollins
Publication Date
May 8, 2018
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The Spreedly-Worldpay partnership enables mutual customers to transact more easily around the world

Spreedly, a robust online payments platform that provides cloud-based infrastructure designed to allow businesses to connect to multiple payment service providers, endpoints, and a secure credit card vault - all through a single API; has entered into a new agreement with Worldpay, a global leader in payments, to enable mutual ecommerce customers to transact more easily around the world. As part of the collaboration, Spreedly agrees to integrate Worldpay's international payment processing API into its Spreedly service, which will provide merchants with access to over 300 different payment methods in 146 countries and via 126 currencies. The new integration extends upon the existing connection Spreedly has with Worldpay’s U.S. domestic ecommerce platform. The Spreedly-Worldpay cooperative integration supports operations such as Purchase, Authorize, Capture, Refund, Void, Verify and General Credit over Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Content subscriptions worldwide are becoming increasingly popular as consumers enjoy and demand greater flexibility in how they consume digital services. According to Worldpay’s latest Global Payment Report, 92% of millennials in the U.S. have active subscriptions. The rise in popularity of subscriptions is leading more merchants to transition to subscription-based billing models. This partnership between Worldpay and Spreedly makes setting up a subscription-based model simple and allows customers greater choice and flexibility when choosing which billing platform they want to use. Merchants simply need to take their Worldpay account, plug the information into the Spreedly API, and start to sell online. “Key to the Spreedly platform and the value we provide to our customers and merchants is our ability to provide open access to payments,” said Justin Benson, Spreedly CEO. “By working more closely with Worldpay, we expand our network and flexibility for our customers to transact wherever and however they want. That directly aligns with our mission to democratize access to payments worldwide, and we're excited to fulfill that expectation for our customers with Worldpay.” “Increasing speed to market while bringing down payment barriers are key focus areas at Worldpay,” said Spiros Theodossiou, SVP Product Management, Global Enterprise eCommerce at Worldpay, “With Spreedly we can deliver more choice, value and peace of mind to companies needing a PCI compliant payment platform, and access to the broadest range of currencies, payment methods, and global reach in the world.


Spreedly provides cloud-based PCI Level-1 infrastructure for payments software. Businesses use Spreedly to connect to multiple payment service providers, endpoints, and a secure credit card vault -- all through a single API. That enables our customers to transact in more markets and with more partners -- all while minimizing PCI compliance scope. Spreedly is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. Visit Spreedly.com to learn more. ABOUT WORLDPAY, INC. Worldpay, Inc. (NYSE: WP; LSE: WPY) is a leading payments technology company with unique capability to power global integrated omni-commerce. With industry-leading scale and an unmatched integrated technology platform, Worldpay offers clients a comprehensive suite of products and services globally, delivered through a single provider. Worldpay processes over 40 billion transactions annually through more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies. The company’s growth strategy includes expanding into high-growth markets, verticals and customer segments, including global eCommerce, Integrated Payments and B2B. Worldpay, Inc. was formed in 2018 through the combination of the No. 1 merchant acquirers in the U.S. and the U.K. Worldpay, Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange as “WP” and the London Stock Exchange as “WPY.” Visit us at http://www.worldpay.com/global

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