Today we're happy to announce that all Spreedly subscription customers (if you can log in here then that means you) have access to DigMyData as their reporting tool. You'll be able to track new users and cancellations, revenue amounts and transactions all within the DigMyData UI. On top of that you can export the data in .csv format. Yes, there is even reporting for "churn"! As we mentioned in a prior post

DigMyData is a separate third party service from Spreedly. We have reached a financial¬†arrangement with DigMyData to provide this service to our subscription customers free of charge. There's a possibility that at any point in the future we may no longer pay these fees to DigMyData. At that point you'd lose access to DigMyData - unless you enter into a agreement to procure their services directly from DigMyData at that time. Ok. To get started simply¬†go to this Spreedly specific page on DigMyData. You'll need your Spreedly short site name and API key. You can get those by logging into Spreedly going to your Dashboard ==> Configuration ==> Site Details. 

 DigMyData supports other data sources as well so check them out if you're interested in getting better reporting from say PayPal or Authorize.Net. Just a final note. This is just for customers using our Spreedly Subscriptions service. We are working with DigMyData for support for Spreedly in general. However, we haven't had any discussions on whether we'd do something special to offer that reporting to our customers. Enjoy the reporting. It would be great to hear what you think once you've had a chance to work with it. Spreedly  

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