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Spreedly’s powerful Payment Method Distribution functionality allows you to send card data to PCI compliant non-gateway receivers.

Payment Method Distribution (PMD) is the process by which a customer tells Spreedly to initiate a call to a third party API and to include credit card data that is securely stored and tokenized within Spreedly’s vault. We then act as a proxy that adds in sensitive cardholder data before passing along the customer’s API request to the third party.

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How it Works

Vault credit cards with Spreedly, Send card token and receiver request details to Spreedly, Spreedly populates the receiver request with actual CC data and invokes the receiver API call

A selection of current receivers

Customers of Spreedly can send vaulted card data to the following APIs while still enjoying limited PCI compliance scope.

You can work with a receiver even if it's not listed above by having them submit a new receiver request.

Interested in using PMD?

If you’re an existing Spreedly customer, or are thinking of becoming one, and want to work with our PMD functionality you can find more information on the integration process in our documentation.

Integrate PMD into your app

Interested in becoming a receiver?

Before we can provision a new production receiver, we need to collect a few pieces of information to verify your endpoint’s PCI compliance and identify where we should send the card data to. To find out more about the process and access the receiver registration form please check out our Becoming a Receiver page.

After receiving this information, a customer can usually begin transacting against a receiver using real cardholder data within a week or two.

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