Improve your authorization rate

Are you using multiple payment providers today and wondering if you’ve got the optimal routing setup?

Are you considering adding new providers and curious about how that might impact your success rates?

Join us for this special, early access program and be one of the first to benefit from the next evolution of Spreedly’s Smart Routing technology.

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Smart routing recommendation API

Spreedly continually collects transactional data on 50 million + transactions per month.

This enormous data set feeds our smart routing recommendation API, which is designed to help merchants increase their authorization rates.

Get access to improve your approval rates

We need payment-savvy merchants who would benefit from improving their approval rates between 2 to 4% and are comfortable implementing a simple, stand-alone API.*

*Calculated using Spreedly’s aggregated data to estimate the difference between baseline authorization rate and smart routing authorization rate across all available gateways at time of recommendation

Everyone is welcome

This opportunity is available to everyone, whether you’re a current Spreedly customer or interested to improve your authorization rates through our simple API.  All we ask is you share the results of the recommendations with us so we continue to improve our optimization.

Take it for a test drive

Input the Issue Identification Number and select the gateways to see the routing recommendation. For more details, including the authorization rates, fill in the form below.

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