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Using Spreedly and Stripe Connect

Today, SaaS and eCommerce platforms face a dilemma. Go with a single payment provider for elegance and easy on-boarding but risk losing new business already with a preferred payment solution. Or support a wide range of payment gateways and maximize global reach. Now, Spreedly + Stripe Connect allows customers to do both. Stripe Connect provides an integrated, easy on-boarding solution for new customers without a payment provider and Spreedly has the widest range of existing gateways.

For this to work, you’ll need a Stripe Connect account and a Spreedly account. Stripe have outlined the Stripe Connect account creation process here in their own documentation.

How it Works:

  • You will integrate to Spreedly for capturing card data on your site (you’ll use our iFrame)
  • Spreedly will be the location that stores and tokenizes credit cards. You can also vault at Stripe too, but that’s not a requirement for using the two services
  • You’ll integrate to Stripe’s API around Stripe Connect to provision marketplace merchant accounts on your platform
  • You’ll integrate to Spreedly to pass in Stripe Connect credentials created when you provision a new Stripe merchant account in your marketplace.
  • Your non Stripe customers will input their gateway specific credentials into a UI on your site. Then you’ll make an API call to Spreedly to provision their gateway specific merchant account within your marketplace.


  1. A production Spreedly account: You can get started with a free developer account, and then create your API credentials.
  2. Your Stripe Connect account will need a special one time approval to work with Spreedly. Stripe prefers you to log in and contact them directly via their support form so they can confirm you own the account.
  3. View Spreedly’s Stripe documentation page to learn more.

With more than a quarter billion dollars in payments processed between our shared customers, Spreedly and Stripe are leading the future of payments.

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