Spreedly connects businesses to third-party payment APIs

Connect to 100+ third-party payment APIs. . . and growing

Spreedly’s Payment Method Distribution (PMD) makes it easy for businesses to connect to payment platforms.

PMD is a process where a customer tells Spreedly to initiate a call to a third-party API and to include credit card data that is securely stored and tokenized within Spreedly’s vault. We then act as a proxy that adds in sensitive cardholder data before passing along the customer’s API request to the third party.

  • Transact with multiple partners in a single transaction while minimizing PCI compliance score
  • Complete transactions with multiple partners over time from stored cards
  • Are you a payment API provider and want to connect with Spreedly? Learn more.

Selected Payment APIs that Connect with Spreedly

Customers of Spreedly can send vaulted card data to payment APIs while still enjoying limited PCI compliance scope. Below are a few of our partners. Click here to see a full list of supported third-party payment APIs.