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$10 Billion in Annualized Transactions, and Growing

Today we reached an incredible milestone thanks to the amazing growth of e-commerce services built on the Spreedly platform.

Written by
Justin Benson
Publication Date
November 6, 2018
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Today we reached an incredible milestone thanks to the amazing growth of e-commerce services built on the Spreedly platform.

Since we first launched the Spreedly service, our aim has been to democratize access to a to a best-in-market payments solution

Our platform enables companies to scale revenue by building innovation into their payments applications‚ and by easily transacting with virtually any payment endpoint on the planet.

Spreedly's customers include some incredible hyper-growth companies. 

These applications do more than transact, they deliver exceptional customer experiences to their end-clients. We're very pleased that our payments platform is a part of these great experiences and supports our customers' mission to scale revenue.

Payments Innovation Drives Growth

This mission has meant that we now count hundreds of large and rapidly-growing commerce services as our customers. These customers use Spreedly to successfully transact in virtually any global market via their choice of gateways. This power has enabled our customers to process more and more successful transactions with each month.

That has led to an exciting milestone for us. For the month of October, we passed the
$10B in annualized transactions mark, a first for us. That mark is a testament both to the robustness of the Spreedly platform and the trajectory of hyper-growth customers across a range of verticals.

And we're not done. 

Helping you grow faster and deliver those great customer experiences is vital to our success. So, we'll continue to support fast growing businesses like yours with great payments infrastructure. 

To the next milestone!

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