As clients using Spreedly grow their businesses they start hitting new challenges that Spreedly hasn’t had to handle yet. One of the recent ones has been the problem of an unmanageable number of subscribers: a great problem to have, but really annoying if you’re the one having to deal with it. Spreedly started out with a simple paginated list of subscribers that worked great for a few dozen entries but has really started to wear thin as clients have started accumulating hundreds of subscribers under active management.

We knew we had to do something about large numbers of subscribers lest we become the cause of the premature graying of our best clients. As usual we’ve chosen to iteratively attack the problem, starting with a straightforward search function that has so far proved super useful even in our own usage of Spreedly. We also show a list of the most recently touched subscribers so it’s easy to see at a glance what’s going on with signups. And of course the full paginated list is still available for flipping through customers a page at a time.

One of the things we love about building Spreedly is that every time we improve the platform it improves for everyone using it. In the bad old days when everyone managed their own billing, improvements like this took time away from the core app. Today, though, you get to come along for the ride as we work to make Spreedly a profit center for your business rather than the cost center that homegrown billing always is.

Enjoy subscriber searching, and keep the feedback coming – it’s key to our quest to build the best billing platform ever!

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