Back in 2005 I gave a talk at RubyConf in San Diego entitled The Railroad, Then and Now. It was about how the cost of building software continues to go down, and that as that cost approaches zero it will fundamentally change not just how software gets built, but what software gets built.

But it’s one thing to build software, and it’s another thing entirely to get paid for it. One of the chief reasons we started Spreedly over two years ago is that we wanted to make it as easy or easier to get paid for our creations as it was to create them in the first place. And so we’ve strived to build a system that is so simple that it can literally be integrated in an hour or two.

Apparently we’ve succeeded because recently Jeff Lindsay built an application in 9 hours including a subscription system leveraging Spreedly. Rather than me tell you about it, I’ll let him do that in this excellent screencast.

I hope that gets your creative juices flowing – I know it does mine! Do you have an idea for – or have you already built – a small, useful, monetizable service that Spreedly’s recurring billing system could power? We’d love to hear about it!

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