Thousands of companies do more business, in more markets, with more partners through Spreedly. See how large and growing merchants and marketplaces collect, secure, and use card data to support millions of dollars in transactions each day.

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Credit card transactions are often critical to sustained giving. Spreedly enables nonprofits of all sizes to work and securely share donors together.

Spreedly allows Fintech companies the guarantee that their users’ cards are stored in a secure, PCI Level 1 Compliant payment vault, and the flexibility to route payment data to key partners.

The food industry uses Spreedly’s secure payment solutions to allow quick and easy
orders of their customers’ favorite cuisines and culinary services, all without re-entering card data.

With Spreedly, subscription services no longer need to turn away potential customers
simply because they don’t support their preferred payment gateway.

Using Spreedly’s universal payment tokenization, ticketing company customers can buy tickets
to the Monday evening ballet and Friday night’s football game via different providers, without having
to re-enter their card data each time.

As the planning and booking behavior of today’s consumer evolves, our travel and transport customers
use Spreedly for a secure payment solution that work across multiple payment gateways and endpoints, internationally.

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